Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meghan getting ready to get her tonsils out

I've decided that most my posts are only pictures with small comments since I upload directly from my iphone, but I'm going to change that from now on.... It's been almost 2 weeks since this picture was taken and I don't want to forget anything. And one day years from now, Meg might want to catch up on what my view of what her world was like. She is recovering well and to be honest, I'm sure I'll be a much bigger whiner when I get my tonsils out in a couple weeks. She hasn't bled (yet! fingers crossed) and she's eating normal food (or as normal as a picky 8 year old eats) and I'm so proud of my little trooper. Right after this picture was taken, I dressed in a gown cover and shoe booties and since only one person could go back g'ma stayed behind. They gave her watermelon scented anesthesia gas and when they put the mask on she says 'ahhh it smells so sweet' then took a couple deep breaths.. in the meantime I'm holding her hand and they're strapping her down... and all the sudden~ she screams "MOMMA! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! MOMMA!!!!" tears streaming down her face and sheer TERROR in her eyes... omg.. my knees turned to jello and I sobbed and said 'don't be scared baby.. just relax.... close your eyes' as if the sight of your scared mother bawling over you is soothing.... Then she went under. The nurses said ah she'll be ok- she won't even remember that... but I do, and it was awful. I have never felt so helpless in my whole life. My heart hammering in my chest, my legs shaky, I walk back out to g'ma and she says 'What the hell are you crying about?!' So I tell her what happened and she said 'well the nurse said she won't remember so quit crying already' Gotta love g'ma to put it into perspective :)

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