Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanda was here for Meg's first day of 1st grade!

We had a wonderful visit with Wanda, she is a beautiful person on the inside and outside. It brightened our house to be able to share it with her for a couple days. She's off to DC now so I hope she has a great rest of her vacation!

On a more depressing note, it looks like a dump truck threw up in my garage- unbelievable. I haven't even begun to think about unloading the trailer since I have no where to put things. I was hoping these last couple days of my vacation would enable me to clear some space and unload, I guess I underestimated my motivation ;) Ah well... we have some time and all I have to say is 'thank gosh I BOUGHT the trailer instead of renting one' then we'd be in a bigger mess :) As it is, it's no pressing emergency. I would just like to feel settled again. soon 'nuf.

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